Driverless Cars Starting To Become Reality?

If Google has any say, driverless cars could soon be making their way to a highway near you. These cars have already been manufactured, taking the intelligence of home computers to a whole new level. Through the software in these vehicles, there is no need for a steering wheel, gas pedal or brakes. Many people are excited about this new technology, but there are also many concerns about what this will mean for the future of transportation.

RoadTripThe first models of Google’s driverless cars had no steering wheel, gas pedal or brake installed. Unfortunately, California’s DMV was not too thrilled with the absence of these parts and has stated they will not allow driverless vehicles that have no ability for a human to take control. While Google firmly states there is no reason for these parts to be included in the models, they will comply with the California DMV and have added temporary steering wheels and pedal systems to their models.

As of now, the latest Google vehicles are made to resemble smart cars and only hold two passengers. Since California will not allow these test cars on the roads unless the driver has the ability to monitor the operation and take over complete control of the vehicle, Google is continuing to tweak their models, to comply with all DMV rules and regulations. Each state may end up having their own rules, however, so it will be interesting to see if the federal government overtakes oversight of this issue to permit interstate travel.

As further research is done, it is hoped these vehicles will soon be on roads all across the country. The current model of vehicles only go around twenty-five miles per hour. It is planned that these vehicles will eventually have the ability to top those speeds.

There is plenty of time for Google to continue working with its software programming, so its vehicles are in top shape. The latest prototypes will not be seen on roadways for at least two years. Google is making sure to comply with all regulations, by incorporating new devices in their models, so these new options can be thoroughly tested.

One of the biggest concerns that many in the computer industry are having are how safe and secure the software operating the cars will be, and measures taken to ensure that they are hacker proof and spyware proof. There is a legitimate concern about this, as this could take hacking to a whole new level. Imagine being able to hijack these driverless cars and operate them remotely? You could conceivably cause an accident or even kidnap the person in the actual car itself. However, many measures are being taken, including specialized software to protect against malware and viruses, and especially hacking. Security is one of the biggest concerns in the development of these vehicles, and consumers should be aware of the precautions that are being undertaken.

If you are interested in learning more about these prototypes, be sure to check out Google’s latest news. Many are amazed at this new technology and what it will mean for drivers in the near future.


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